Awareness, Devotional

Dwelling in unity with one another

Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!

~ Psalm 133:1, ESV ~

Outside of our relationship with God – do we have at least one or two other people who know us. Individuals of integrity who know what really goes on in our lives, what we feel, and what our doubts are? For those who do have such – these are treasured relationships. Yet there are people who find themselves alone and without any brotherhood. These lone wolfs may become vulnerable to co-dependent relationships, or addictions, when there is no firm friendships.

To dwell in unity with one another, we want to focus on cultivating healthy relationship with others. The joy in sharing, finding humor, and having common interests have no other substitutes. When we reach out, let us reach out to develop these relationships. For, it is when we step into a sense of brotherhood, and sisterhood, that we are gifting ourselves toward others.

Yes, we find wholeness through Jesus Christ, however, we are to also find wholeness through those connections with other people. We grow to show love and mercy, grace and truth in these relationships.

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