Awareness, Spirituality

Taking a stand with God

Today’s reading: Gen. 35 – 36:43; Ps. 9:6-10; Prov. 3:27-30; Matt. 12:22-50

Put away the foreign Gods that are among you and purify yourself

When we come to Christ and commit to following Him, we are separating ourselves from the cultural and societal norms. This includes putting aside our previous loyalties. Only one true loyalty remains – our commitment to God Himself. Those foreign gods no longer have any significance in our lives. They no longer provide the provisions and counsel we may need. Neither will they bring any consoling in times of our distress. Yet, there will be those outside of the divine relationship who will be in fear of our devotion and worship of God.

When we come to Christ and follow Him, we are walking in authority. We have authority in His name to act. He protects us through his love and grace – that is the atonement. And, when we hide His word in our hearts, we feast upon His words daily, we are fulfilled and sufficient in all things and all ways. No longer are we divided. Through Christ, we stand united in His Kingdom and against those who may come up against the Gospel of Christ.