Awareness, Spirituality

The worthiness of God

Today’s reading: Gen 33 – 34:3; Ps. 9:1-5; Prov. 3:21-26; Matt. 12:1-21

Let us exalt and praise His Holy Name

God is gracious toward us in all things. It is because of who He is, we receive blessings. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. As we read in the scriptures, we notice the divine love, faithfulness, mercy, and grace He has bestowed upon those who have come unto him. We also see His patience upon those who have walked away from Him. He is also full of wisdom and justice.

Because of how God is revealed to us, through His word, we are confident in knowing where wisdom comes from. While others may place yokes of rules and expectations upon us, we rest in knowing that as we obey Him, we are guided through those schemes that may ensnare us.

Therefore, let each day become a sabbath unto Him as we walk in praise and thanksgiving. The worthiness of God blesses us with wisdom and insight.