Awareness, Spirituality

We draw closer to you O Lord!

Today’s reading: Gen 27-28:22; Ps. 7:9-17; Prov. 3:11-12; Matthew 10:1-20

Behold – I am with you

When we are faced with hardships in life, we forget that our Heavenly Father is with us. The adversity we experience is an opportunity to draw closer to Him. Through His divine and sovereign will, God will grant unto us those provisions we need to serve Him. Even in the midst of our most trying times.

This does not mean we sit idle and await His promised blessings to be fulfilled. Nor do we scheme to use God in order to bring about blessings in our lives. We learn that through our faith and trust in God, walking in obedience are we to receive blessings. And, when we are blessed by God, it is our duty to utilize those blessings in order to bless others.

As we grow in our confidence in God, He has empowered us to minister and heal those who are sick. To bring life back into those hearts and souls that are dead. To bring freedom and liberation to those who are in bondage.

There is no illusion. We represent God. And, as we draw close to Him, we become a greater blessing to those around us.

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