Awareness, Spirituality

God is our divine compass in this life

Today’s reading: Gen. 25 – 26:35; Ps. 7:6-8; Prov. 3:9-10; Matthew 9:18-38

He guides us in our daily lives

When we come to develop faith and trust in God – through His Son, Jesus Christ – we are assured that he will direct our path’s in all ways (see, Proverbs 3:5-6, ESV). This means we must come to understand the powerful influence faith has. By centering our trust on Him, and Him alone, we come to understand and know God has perfect love for us and is omnipotent and omniscient. He prepares a way for us to walk in His will with obedience to His statues and commands. Our own lives become fully satisfied when we place our trust and faith in God.

Therefore, because of our faith and trust in God, we come to grow spiritually mature in relying on Him for all our daily needs. We abandon our own wisdom and thoughts. We leave behind what understanding we may have for our own lives. In its place, we are given godly wisdom and insight. This is accomplished through our respect toward God by being obedient to His commands and statutes. We become living sacrifices, transforming ourselves daily through His word and divine counsel.

Through our obedience, trust and faith in Him, and walking in Godly wisdom, we come to abhor those temptations that may bring us away from a divine and intimate relationship with God. This does not mean that God will eliminate those times and seasons of adversity. It means, He will guide us and we flee from temptation. Yet, when we do falter and give into temptations, He is ready to forgive us and restore us.

All of this leads toward us having an abundant life through Christ. We will have health and wellness, peace of mind. Power to overcome any obstacles that we may face. His blessings will extend beyond our own lives and others may see the blessings and know it is through God’s divine love and mercy we are upright and righteous. It is our intimate faith that makes us whole.