Awareness, Spirituality

The quality of grace and kindness

Today’s reading: Gen. 19- 20:18; Ps. 6:1-5; Prov. 3:1-4; Matthew 8:1-17

God remembered Abraham

Approaching the scriptures, we learn how our Heavenly Father shows grace and kindness toward those who walk according to His will. The many encounters of Jesus shows the compassion and love toward their disposition and suffering. Authentic kindness is a Godly character that we are capable of mirroring in our own lives.

It is a deep and central part of our soul. Yet, this grace and kindness does not come upon us when we place our trust and our lives in the care of Christ and God. We have to be deliberate and take responsibility for our own attitudes and actions toward others in order to respond out of compassion. Grace and kindness comes when we love our Heavenly Father with all that we have, and give over to loving others as we have love toward self.

Through the power and authority of the Holy Spirit, we are able to begin showing Godly compassion. This happens when we surrender our present attitudes, perceptions, characteristics, and actions that prevent us from exhibiting Godly grace and kindness toward others. We also, put aside those perceptions that do not fit within our new identity.

Once we are able to allow the influence of the Holy Spirit to work within us, shifting our attitudes and beliefs, we are able to focus on the needs of others. By focus on meeting other peoples needs, wants, and desires, we become sensitive to who they are. We become of service to them.

Our personal relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ helps us learn ways we grow in kindness and grace. We seek Godly counsel and wisdom in order to be sensitive toward situations that may need grace and kindness, and allow His compassion to work through us. This presents hope to those individuals to see Christ reflected in our lives and come to know Him.

Therefore, Godly kindness and grace is something we practice daily. In our prayers, we seek God’s desire to show compassion toward someone for that day. We are vigilant to take hold of opportunities where we are able to exercise Godly grace and kindness. By doing so, we increase in our faith and strengthen our relationship with Heavenly Father.