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Bound by oath

Today’s reading: Gen 17 – 18:33; Ps. 5:8-12; Prov. 2:10-22, and Matthew 7:1-29

Nothing is too difficult for the Lord

God binds Himself to us by His oath to keep His promises. The sign of this oath was circumcision. This occurred when God changed Abram’s name to Abraham. Along with the covenant, promise was made upon Abraham and Sarah. Not just a promise of a son, the blessing entailed much more. Land, becoming a father of many nations. Today, our established covenant is through baptism. It is the setting apart of ourselves to God in order that His promises are kept and fulfilled. 

Within this binding oath, we establish our faith in God. We come to know that He is the only one who is capable of making impossibility into possibility. He relentlessly pursues us. And, since God is capable of bringing about fulfillment to His oath, we trust in His wisdom and counsel. This does not mean we may laugh and question whether it is feasible. Despite our limited understanding, Our Heavenly Father is consistently walking with us. He is consistently revealing to us His desires and speaks to us, even when we believe we are inadequate and possess fear.

Our part in upholding God’s binding oath is to remain in Him. This is accomplished through obedience to His word and seeking His counsel. By doing so, we are granted wisdom and knowledge. Judgment is left unto God and we are mindful not to judge others. For, when we come to judge others, by that same measure, we also are judged accordingly. Instead, we grant mercy and grace. This is because our Heavenly Father has granted mercy and grace unto us.

Finally, the binding oath of God gives us the greatest blessing of all: The promise that when we come to seek Him, to ask of His counsel, He will hear us. Through the gate of prayer, we come to seek and find peace and comfort in our lives. We come to find strength and encouragement to live out our daily lives. So long as we are in line with His will, he is just and faithful to fulfill all promises.