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The shield of our faith rests in God

Today’s Reading: Genesis 15 – 16:16; Ps. 5:1-7; Prov. 2:6-9; Matthew 6:19-34

“Do not fear, for I am a shield unto you”

One of the greatest, and simple, truths is this: Our very own lives do not belong to us. Our life belongs to the Sovereign God who created all things. It is too Him we rest our faith in. Our faith is not resting in the things of this world. They fade away over time. However, the greatest consternation we experience is over the fundamental things. Without our trust and faith in God, we are left to a worried and anxious mind.

Through our faith, our Heavenly Father becomes a shield unto us. We rest in His peace. We are confident in His timing. We are assured that all promises will be fulfilled. Yet, we become anxious children. And, because of our anxiety and worry, we attempt to force the blessings to come in our own time, according to our own will and desire. Yet, it does not add anything to our lives – except more consternation.

By our faith and trust in God, we are able to walk in integrity. We are able to show reverence toward Him. We abide in obedience to His will. We may not see the other side of where God is working. We only have faith and hope.

As our shield of faith rests in God, we are given perfect patience in knowing His will be accomplished. However, if we yield ourselves to our own desires and will, then we no longer walk by faith. Our spiritual integrity is fading, and upon that which we set our hearts upon become the focus of our devotion.

And yet, even in our turning away from Him, our Heavenly Father is very patient to us. If only we come to recognize our need and turn away from our own iniquities. Otherwise, judgment and condemnation may fall upon us when our iniquities are complete.

For, when we forsake God in order to gain the world, we lose our soul. Yet, when we forsake the world and gain our faith and confidence in God, we find our soul.