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Sovereign peace comforts us

Today’s reading: Gen 13 – 14:24; Ps. 4:4-8; Prov. 2:1-5; And, Matt. 6:1-18

Godly peace is the fruit of our divine relationship

Many of us have been carried away by our own natural and carnal desires. We hunger and thirst for peace. And, despite our best efforts, we become full of fear, anxiety, and worry when adversity and calamity strikes. We retreat.

Our greatest asset is prayer. Through daily prayer and meditation, we are blessed. We find strength, enlightenment, and encouragement. It is our formidable weapon in times of distress and discomfort. Prayer anchors us in the safety of God’s divine sovereign will.

The joy God places in our hearts is deep, strong, tough and resilient. It is not from circumstances. It is from our commitment to seek God each day. It brings sovereign peace. With it, we have no need to boast. This is because of our abiding relationship with Jesus Christ. Our response, in times of trouble, is to turn to the One who firmly holds all comfort and security.

No other person, outside of ourselves, is as equipped as our Heavenly Father to handle the problems we will face. Through Him, through meaningful and mindful prayer, we find courage, strength, and hope. Resting upon His word. This sovereign peace removes any doubt, worry, fear, or anxiety we may have.

How then is our prayer effective and meaningful? It is about how we communicate to God. It is without vain repetition. It is not a public affair to garner attention. Meaningful and effective prayer is in those times of solitude where we are alone with our Heavenly Father. It is prayer that is within the depth of our heart and soul.

Let us give ourselves over to meaningful prayer in order to experience God’s sovereign peace.

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