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Intimately walking with God

Today’s reading: Genesis 5-6; Psalm 2:7-12; Proverbs 1:10-19; and, Matthew 3:1-17

~ Noah walked with God ~

The foundation to our recovery is not only nurturing and cultivating an intimate relationship to our Heavenly Father, it requires a daily commitment to walk with HimThis separates us from those who walk in the ways of their own hearts and desires. As we draw near to a Sovereign God, we recognize how sin grieves Him. He cannot, and will not, ignore sin and transgression. However, as we grow intimately with our Heavenly father, we develop a righteous character that reflects His righteous character. This comes when we surrender to His will.

Through our obedience, we are nurtured and secured in God’s divine providence and grace. Obedience ought to be the cornerstone of our personal faith and relationship with Him. This brings blessings and rewards into our own life. It encourages, and empowers us, to live and be an influence toward others. Opposite of obedience is disobedience. Through disobedience we receive condemnation and judgment.

As we engage in our own personal journey through recovery, let us reflect on the spiritual truth. Genuine repentance brings about a change in our own attitude. It influences in how we behave. This is because, through our obedience to God’s divine and sovereign will, we experience His divine love and mercy. We begin to reflect the very nature and character of Christ Himself. Through Christ’s example of submission to God’s will, Christ’s righteous obedience, we find salvation and forgiveness.

Our daily walk with God brings us closer to Him because of our willingness to obey Him.

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