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When we are tempted

Today’s reading plan: Genesis 3-4; Psalms 2:1-6; Proverbs 1:8-9; and Matthew 2:1-23

It begins with doubt. Temptation is a process that leads to sin and transgression. As we read through the scriptures, we come to realize the nature and power of temptation and the effects sin has on our lives and relationship with our savior.

Doubt begins with the questioning of God’s design and plan. It begins with questioning the divine purpose and nature of our relationship with Him. The adversary is crafty and presents, what appears, a seemingly innocent question. It leads us to question whether obedience is necessary for our growth. Ultimately, we are led to believe the illusion that we are capable of finding greater blessing in walking in our own will and desire.

Instead of finding blessings, we discover how far off the mark we are when we are confronted with our personal fall. We become ashamed of what transpired. We desire to hide ourselves from others, and God himself. It is because we are experiencing a painful and emotional disconnect from other people and our Heavenly Father. It destroys our fellowship.

Despite this, we understand that we are created to have a relationship with a sovereign God. His desire is for us to walk with him daily. Through our relationship, we are enriched and empowered. And, because we are given a moral agency, and our Heavenly Father knows we will fall into temptation and sin; He had designed a plan that gives us the ability to seek forgiveness and mercy.

Through Christ’s atonement, we are restored to our intimate relationship to our Heavenly Father. In God’s divine grace and mercy, and through the power and gift of the Holy Spirit, there is provisions for us to flee temptation. We are given warnings, and when we are in tune to the spirit of God, we receive strength and empowerment to flee and resist the adversary.

As we traverse our journey in recovery, it is important to remember that when we fall into the snare and temptations, we have a loving and merciful Heavenly Father who is full of grace and truth and ready to forgive us. We need not to be ashamed to the point of hiding ourselves from Him.

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