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Draw near to God

Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. 

Cleanse your hands … and purify your hearts

~ James 4:8, ESV ~

When we see how far we’ve strayed from the sovereign grace of God, and being the kind of person we truly desire to be, we are overwhelmed. Because, we realize how far we may have to travel to get back on track. We see clearly, for the first time, how unfair we were or how much we are hurting and struggling. We begin to see how pervasive and destructive our compulsions are in our lives. We begin to clearly see how much we missed.

That is when we are ready to engage in our journey of recovery and become spiritual. We are reminded that this is our own personal journey. Although at times the distance may appear overwhelming, each individual is on their path. However long we live, we never reach a point where we stop growing and maturing.

The moment we step out in faith and draw near to God is the moment our journey begins. The past is behind us as we step over the threshold of our own pain and suffering. Once we draw near to God, outside of the door of our past, we are progressing and God begins to draw near to us. Once we purify our hands and our hearts, He begins to work within our lives. His grace, mercy, and forgiveness ever transforming us.

Today, remember the reward of our journey is not the destination we seek after. The reward of our personal journey and reconciliation with our Heavenly Father is the deep love and relationship we grow into.

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