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Return to our old life and ways

Return back to our old life and ways

Read Genesis 20; 21:22-34

~ Pray and Meditate for the lord to reveal those personal temptations. ~ 


Whether you are a new or seasoned Christian, we are prone to make decisions that may lead us back to our old habits and ways. Living out our faith is a daily journey (see, Genesis 5:22, 24; 6:9; 17:1; 2 Corinthians 5:7; 1 John 1:7). A journey where we grow from faith to faith and grace to grace. We understand that this daily walk is focusing on living a right way. Yet, we may sometimes fall back toward those old habits when difficult situations occur.

As a moderately seasoned counselor, I work with my patients on discovering those stimulus that may lead them back to their substance use. The goal is to become aware of what may potentially place a person at risk for possible relapse. And, it is a process an individual goes through when they return to their old habits and behaviors. Instead of focusing on God, trusting in His promises, we go back to those comforts that have a familiarity to us.

In this weeks scripture reading, and study, our minds are turned to Abraham and his encounter with Abimelech. In this encounter, Abraham feared for his life and recounted the same lie he had previously told Pharaoh. This jeopardized the Promise of God. Yet, we see how God intervenes in the life of Abraham.

Through Abraham, we learn God’s divine intervention, even in our poor decision making, will bring us back to the path of righteousness. He is faithful, even when we are not faithful.

Through Abraham, we learn what happens when we fear men rather than fear God.

How does this help you in your walk and journey as a Christian?