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New Beginnings


One of the challenges a person experiences in early recovery is the shift in perception. As a moderately seasoned counselor, a handful of patients struggle with the understanding of their need to focus on the internal decay ongoing substance use has caused. Instead, they are more focused on changing people, circumstances, or particular events. Their desire is to manipulate the external toward allowance for healing. They sincerely want to change for the better, however, they fail to recognize the work needs to start within their own heart and soul.

Recovery is a journey that begins from the quiet depths of our own heart and soul. It is where we want to begin in order to move toward lasting change.

They are searching for a new beginning, a new life that is free from the bondage of substance use. The hang up is their unrealistic expectations that situations, and people, must change in order to experience a personal transformation into their ideal concept of who they want to be.

Genuine and true transformation starts with recognition and acknowledgement of our own powerlessness over the substance we have become dependent upon. To acknowledge and verbalize the reality we need someone more powerful than ourselves to help restore us to sanity. Finally, we come to a place where we are willing to submit our present lives over to the will, authority, and power of God in order for restoration to occur.

Ezekiel 36:22-38 is all about how God will restore, not only His holy name, but, the nation of Israel. Part of this restoration includes deliverance and freedom from their transgressions, idol worshiping, and uncleanliness.

For those suffering from substance use disorder; faith is placed in the power and acknowledgement of a supreme and sovereign higher power who will restore us. This includes delivering us from our destructive behaviors. How this is accomplished is by restoring a new heart and spirit within us. Through Him, we truly find restoration and transformation. And, through Him, we find wisdom and hope.

A Daily Recovery Walk Through Proverbs

~ Proverbs 24:14, ESV ~

Know that wisdom is such to your soul; if you find it, there will be a future, and your hope will not be cut off.