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Be aware of the evils of selfishness

All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way …

~ Isaiah 53:6 ~ 

All of our troubles, dysfunctions, illusions, and what brings us back to using is selfishness. It is a vicious preoccupation with our own comforts and with our own means to satisfy our own appetites. We need to be aware of the evils of our own selfishness.

It is interesting that many scripture passages uses the term “sheep”. Even Jesus Christ refers to himself as the “good shepherd.”

Sheep are not survivors. They are not like any other animal. They lack direction, they are not smart, and they certainly are defenseless. Like sheep, we come to realize that we are not survivors, we are directionless, and we are defenseless. When it comes to fight, flight, or posture, sheep merely gather around other sheep and run, with panic, in circles.

Given the right situation, without guidance, direction, and a strong defense, we succumb to the wiles of the coyotes of the world. This is the reality of being a sheep. The danger of our own selfishness is a return to a place were we are dumb, directionless, and defenseless.

By surrounding ourselves with others, we learn, gain wisdom and insight. By following our Higher Power, we are not left without direction, nor are we left defenseless in those times of need.

Today’s thoughtful Meditation

I will continually be aware of the evils of my own selfishness and keep myself within support of other people. There, I will find direction, meaning, purpose, and be able to have a strong defense when the coyotes of my addiction come to feed.