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Faith overcomes


There is no obstacle too great, no challenge too difficult, if we have faith

~ Gordon B. Hinckley ~

There are many presenting challenges the moment an individual begins traversing their journey through recovery. One faces many different obstacles. Challenges may seem difficult to face. Yet, it takes great courage and bold faith to overcome our obstacles and challenges. As we continue to remind ourselves three important truths:

  • Because of our substance use, we are powerless and our lives are unmanageable
  • Since we are powerless and our lives are unmanageable, it takes something greater and more powerful to help us find restoration and peace in our lives
  • We decide to turn our lives and our personal will (volition) over to our higher power

Faith is essentially that which we hope for and yet is unseen. We have faith that our lives will be restored, and we will eventually experience peace, joy, and have meaning and purpose. Our faith grows as we continue to learn to trust in our own Higher Power.

In Barnes Notes on the Bible, we find the following:

The mustard-seed was the smallest of all seeds. It has been supposed by some, therefore, that he meant to say, If you have the smallest or feeblest faith that is genuine, you can do all things. The mustard-seed produced the largest of all herbs. It has been supposed by others, therefore, to mean, If you have increasing, expanding, enlarged faith, growing and strengthening from small beginnings, you can perform the most difficult undertaking. There is a principle of vitality in the grain of seed stretching forward to great results, which illustrates the nature of faith. Your faith should be like that. This is probably the true meaning.

Ye shall say unto this mountain … – Probably he pointed to a mountain near, to assure them that if they had such faith they might accomplish the most difficult undertakings – things that at first would appear impossible.

Recovery from substance use requires the smallest amount of faith. This small faith becomes powerful in the life of the individual. It is the essential truth of all religious and spiritual belief systems. It is essential to recovery as well.  Our faith begets hope, and our hope begets peace; whereby we begin to experience healing in our lives. That is what recovery is about – healing and restoring ourselves.

The greatest enemy to one’s sobriety and recovery is this: Fear of our inadequacies to overcome obstacles and challenges we may face. Our greatest ally is faith in our higher power where we draw confidence and strength to face our obstacles and challenges.

Today’s Thoughtful Meditation

I will begin exercising the smallest amount of faith when facing the challenges and obstacles that may hinder me from moving forward in my own recovery.